The Most Popular Lusque Jewellery

The Most Popular Lusque Jewellery

Explore our most covetable jewellery.

From our limited-edition, up-cycled designs to our newest bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants, you can’t go wrong with these fashion favourites.

Elegantly individual and captures the spirit of the women. The spirit of you!

A bold pendant of hand-crafted lustrous black  beads richly supported by antique-look silver beads on black leather cord captures the BoHo edge of responsible fashion, making a stunning statement piece.

We frequently release a jewellery design just to be sold for a very limited time. It's a short hit-out and then, once sold out, that design will never be created again. It's like getting your own perfect heirloom piece to cherish and enjoy!

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