Faith-Based Jewellery Collection

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A captivating collection of faith-based jewellery that radiates peace and divinity.

Ethereal and peace-filled jewellery handcrafted with the utmost care. Crystal energy infused into each piece for healing and positive intentions.

These timeless pieces offer inspiration, encouraging you to set your heart at the altar for your daily worship.

Sacred jewellery pieces to help ground flow, bring peace, meaning and care into your prayers.

Every piece of jewellery offers a calming essence of peace, divinity and presence. These original pieces are handcrafted to guide you towards spiritual tranquility within yourself. 

Timeless creations, Lusque creates wearable pieces of inspiration, encouraging you to set your heart at the altar of your spirituality and faith. 

Imagine wearing one of these pieces and feel the power of cherished crystals and natural gems serving as a poignant reminder of the truly blessed encouraging you to live a life of love and passion.

Lusque sacred Geometry Jewellery is hand-made with loving intention and symbolic meaning, healing and energetic qualities.

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