Do Women Love Costume Jewellery?

Do Women Love Costume Jewellery?

Wondering if that someone special would love costume jewellery as a gift? Something bold and eye-catching? Or, maybe natural semi-precious stones imbued with meaning and spiritual significance as a focus for meditation? Urban bohemian glam or dainty and understated?

So, the short answer is Yes! Although, ultimately, it is up to personal preference, the latest fashion trends and what she likes and feels comfortable wearing.

Which of course means that it can be difficult to generalize the kind of jewellery a women may like because personal preferences are so very individual. While one women may enjoy wearing brightly coloured costume jewellery every day, another may prefer a subtle, more demur piece of jewellery for special occasions.

That's the beauty of fashion jewellery. There's a design to suit every taste and wardrobe!

Women love to wear beautiful jewellery that compliments their look. And, of course quality designer jewelry is an affordable choice so that She can enjoy wearing fashion pieces to suit her every mood and every occasion.

So, yes, fashion magazines, boutiques, cat walk shows, street style and emerging trends clearly confirm that everyone, especially women love wearing beautiful costume jewellery!

One of the oldest know accessories, jewellery has a long tradition of being worn to enhance and highlight a woman's beauty, compliment her outfit and to just simply make her feel fabulous!

Bold or quirky, delicate or chunky, fashion jewellery is a fun way to express your individual style! Selecting everyday pieces hand-crafted with an edgy twist fused with natural materials highlights your unique personality and individuality.

Costume jewelry is designed to accentuate your outfit. The best fashion jewellery is crafted with semi-precious stones, rhinestones, glass and wood to create fabulous jewellery that is inexpensive, yet beautiful.

Fabulous fashion jewellery is a wonderful and highly affordable way to add that special touch of magic to every woman's wardrobe, no matter her personal style!

At Lusque, our modern costume jewellery designs blend a variety of elements. Sparkling crystal, exotic batik-coloured bone beads, handmade Venetian glass or semi-precious gemstones are used in place of high-end, precious diamonds, rubies and pure gold.

  Natural Stone Bead Stretch Gemstone Bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings


Choose from limited-edition beaded bracelets, bold and daring pendants, Murano glass beaded earrings made entirely by hand with real silver leaf or thoughtfully selected, gemstone beaded necklaces to restore a sense of peace and promote love.

Beautifully-aged metal finishes, often with a lustrous patina, can include brass, gold or silver-look detailing or sometimes sterling silver-plated finishes deliver chic and style to suit your budget and Her taste.

So, whether She's a lover of dainty jewels and delicate silver chains or chunky beaded bracelets and statement pieces, Lusque offers fun and fashionable jewellery at a very affordable price.

A contemporary accessories brand, Lusque believes that jewellery is the loveliest expression of love.

The label drops original, new designs each week, often as one-of-a-kind or in small, limited editions. "For me, it means that the designs are not only on-trend and inspired, but creates so much less waste" says designer Ella Lawton.

Which is why Lusque jewellery designs are contemporary and so very covetable.

Lusque, the affordable jewellery brand to shop now and wear forever!

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