Our Mission

Lusque BoHo jewellery batik bone beaded pendant necklace glass beads

 Sharing Our Passion for Vintage and Fashion Jewellery

Lusque jewellery for faux vintage, fashion and fine jewellery aims to foster and support sustainability and the responsible use of resources by encouraging the love of natural materials and the up-cycle of beautiful materials through out our international community of valued customers.

Our objectives are to:
1. Protect our fragile environment.
2. Promote and encourage responsible practices and ethical use of materials.
3. Raise awareness of the power of working together to create a better future.
4. Create a positive environment to enhance the image of recycling fashion and accessories.
6. Encourage re-use and re-make of fun fashion jewellery to suit current trends rather than waste.

You can find out more about our manifesto here.