How To Choose Fashion Jewellery

How To Choose Fashion Jewellery

Fashionable accessories have the power to elevate your style!

Jewellery is an essential accessory to complete the look of an outfit. Carefully selected, fun fashion jewellery can pull your whole outfit together, to complement the look, colour and style.

It’s important to know how to accessorize with the right pieces so your outfit will turn heads. But how can you decide which piece to choose to compliment your look?

Here’s a few ideas to help you choose your jewellery to style up any look with ease.

What is the Occasion?

First, you’ll want to consider the occasion when choosing your jewellery. If you’re dressing up for a formal wedding, cocktail party or date night, jewellery that is elegant and lavish may be the go.

Everyday dressing calls for jewellery that’s laid back and more playful.

Start With Choosing Colours

Pair your costume jewelry with your outfit by colour. If your outfit is in muted, neutral tones, then natural jewellery pieces made from wood, bone or antique-look beads would be a perfect choice.

Flatter the Neckline

Pay attention to the style of your neckline on shirts and dresses. Look to take cues from the style and shape of the garment's neckline and let the jewellery match the look.

Generally, your necklace should sit just above where your neckline starts. Longer pendants look best with necklines that are simple.

The more skin that is showing, the more detailed your choice of necklace can be.

Define Your Look

How you define your look can applies to your jewellery, too.

How do you identify your personal style and the way you dress? Boho? Casual, edgy with a lot of black and leather? Or perhaps you prefer a feminine style with a Boho influence, with jeans and flowing dresses or tops. Or cool, elevated and trend-driven?

Always keep comfort in mind, too.

Natural Skin Tone

Your natural skin tone is a vital part of your look. You know the colours you prefer and those you don’t like to wear.

White, gold, and silver or strong jewel tones, such as red, purple and blue compliment cooler skin tones.

Gold compliments warm skin tones and yellows, oranges, greens are a fabulous choice for warm skin tones.

As a guide, Neutral skin tones suit both gold and silver and many deep gemstone colours. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn't wear what you love!

Mastering jewellery styling is fun, very personal and shows off your unique style. 

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