The Classic Jewellery Always In Style

The Classic Jewellery Always In Style

Classic, yet timeless pearls are "the queen of gems and the gem of queens."

The beauty of natural freshwater pearls lies not just in their lustrous finish but also in their often asymmetrical shapes, which means each pearl is a unique little gem, like no other! With a touch of romance, each freshwater pearl is a one-of-a-kind.

Freshwater pearl jewellery is now amongst the most sought-after of contemporary jewels for a very good reason.

Classic freshwater pearl necklaces and chokers are right on-trend. The enduring love of pearl jewellery lies in their understated, yet luxurious appeal. With a touch of romance, each freshwater pearl is totally unique.

A beautifully versatile gemstone, they can be worn alone or teamed with other coloured gems. They pair beautifully with silver, gold or platinum and come in a range of shapes and sizes from perfectly spherical to ‘baroque’, meaning an irregular, unsymmetrical form that’s proven popular of late.

As a contemporary jewellery designer, I truly love how a pearl necklace is perfect to enjoy wearing every day, yet steps up beautifully for any occasion, from a cocktail party, wedding or as a cherished gift to special someone.

Considered our oldest known gemstone, natural pearls were once rarer than diamonds. History tells us that strings of oyster pearls were gifted to Chinese kings as early as 2300BC. Fragments of pearl jewellery were discovered in the sarcophagus of Persian princesses.

Sleek sterling silver links are offset with lustrous pearls in this lock bracelet design. Inspired by the bold architecture and edge of the bright city lights, this Lusque bracelet combines gauge links and industrial shapes in striking silhouettes. Pair this lock bracelet with a strand of classic pearls for the perfect balance of utilitarian style and glamour.


  • Sterling silver clasp with freshwater cultured pearls
  • Links are size medium
  • Bracelet available in small, medium and large. Can be made to order to suit your requirements.
  • Fits wrists up to 6.25"
  • Pearls, 7-8 mm each
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear
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