The Ultimate Jewellery Edit

The Ultimate Jewellery Edit

The best part of being a fashion jewellery designer is finding inspiration, observing emerging trends and staying on top of the hottest looks.

Luckily for me in the jewellery world, there are so many rich and varied sources to drive the creative juices, such as a wander along the beach, a visit to my local history museum or the way the seeds are arranged in a freshly cut piece of fruit.

Inspirational sources, like nature and architecture, helps to bring new looks to my bespoke little brand. Or, drive inventive updates to a few fabulous pieces already in my repertoire to spark new ideas or uncover upcoming design trends.

Affordable Fashion Jewellery

My aim is to bring you unique, made-to-enjoy bling to wear day or night!

All about stylish, fashionable jewellery, my designs are original, handcrafted in limited editions with each bead carefully chosen to create a truly unique piece of jewellery.

Fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Lusque's sought-after jewellery collection is handmade in my studio over-looking the natural bushland around Sydney.

Strung with a variety of golden beads beads and centred with a 20cm feature bead this necklace is mid-length and has matching earrings, too!

This golden foil beaded necklace with lustrous translucent beads interspersed with vintage, small beads, defines my creative style's nuanced balance between on-trend fashion and romantic codes.

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