The Meaning of The Circle Pendant

The Meaning of The Circle Pendant

What Is The Meaning of The Circle Pendant Necklace?

A universal sign, the circle symbolises eternity, life, harmony and perfection. It can represent the sun, the moon or the cycle of time. It is believed that giving the love in your life a circle pendant symbolises your eternal love.

A universal symbol imbued with deep meaning, a circle has no beginning, no end. It is a symbol of completeness and infinity.

What Does A Talisman Pendant Symbolize?
A talisman pendant is not just a beautiful piece of jewellery to style up your look. The embodiment of our spirit selves, it may carry a deep historical, cultural and personal significance. From ancient civilizations to the present day, a talisman jewellery object is considered to carry protective powers.

Worn as a means of attracting good fortune or to ward off negative energy, this ornate and detailed pendant makes a wonderful talisman.

Highlighting the duality and harmony of the imperfection of the handmade with the sacred circle. The Talisman Necklace Pendant is a dependable, yet spirited essential piece to wear your way, everyday!

The New Beginnings Collection

With an ever-evolving curation of necklaces and pendants available in a variety of lengths and designs, there will be one to inspire your individual style.

Thoughtfully created, each individual piece will inspire joy to reignite your inner light.

With you always, this exquisite adornment can serve as a powerful symbol of faith, friendship and strength. Wear it close to your heart.

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