How To Care For Your Costume Jewellery

How to care for your Lusque new or repurposed, upcycled or recycled gemstones, leather, metals, bone and glass jewelleryHow to Care For Your Costume Jewellery To Keep It's Gorgeous Sparkle!

Want to learn everything you need to know to care for your beautiful fashion jewellery?

Costume jewellery can sometimes tarnish or loose its sparkle over time and with daily wear. This can affect the materials that they are made from, including copper, silver, glass and semi-precious gemstones.

Treat your jewellery item with a little care and it will maintain it's beauty. Here are a few tips to your keep jewellery looking its best.

Best Tips To Care For Your Fashion Jewellery:
- Keep your fashion jewellery away from water.
- Store your costume jewellery away from direct sunlight
- Avoid applying lotion and perfume before putting your pearl and fashion jewellery on.
- Remove jewellery when washing your hands, applying beauty products, cleaning the house or applying lotions to keep the settings grime-free.
- Apply perfume before putting on necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
- Avoid wearing your costume jewellery in water, when swimming or bathing. Chemicals in swimming pools and spas, salt in sea water and bath water may damage and discolour natural gem stones, metal finishes and the thread or wire used to make your piece.
- Hair spray can also damage your jewellery. If you do use it, allow ample time to dry before wearing your jewels.
Cleaning Your Costume Jewellery
- Use a soft, damp cloth with mild soap to gently wipe over the jewellery piece taking care not to get the item too wet or catch on any element.
- Ammonia-based cleaning products can damage the finish of your jewellery. Avoid the use of treated metal cleaning cloths as they can damage the finish on the beads, findings and metal components.
- Allow to air dry on a clean, dry cloth or towel so moisture doesn’t soak into the  thread or setting. Ensure they are completely dry before storing away.
- Wipe pearls with a soft cloth after each wear to remove body oils and perfume that can cause discolourisation.
- When not being worn, store pieces in a soft jewellery bag or jewellery box.
- Check your jewellery pieces regularly to ensure they stay in their best condition.

How to Clean Your Pearl Jewellery
The surface of natural pearls is porous. Makeup, dirt and perspiration can cause them to lose their lovely soft luster. Whether real or faux, clean them with care.

Don't soak pearl jewellery because the string, wire or elastic can weaken and may break. This care also applies to turquoise and opal jewellery, which are also porous stones.

Green verdigris can sometimes affect gold-toned pieces. It can be gently removed with vinegar on a cotton swab.

How To Store Your Jewellery:
Store your jewels flat in their pouch or box and aim to leave space so that they do not rub against each other. Storing your jewellery in plastic bags is not recommended.

Avoid using strong cleaning products on your costume jewellery. Cleaning products containing ammonia can damage the foil backing of rhinestones. Likewise do not polish with any treated cloths as they can damage the finish.

Avoid storing antique jewellery pieces together in a jewellery box. Keep each item in its own compartment. Precious metals and gemstones may get scratched or tangled.

Store jewels in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, to avoid tarnishing metals. Heat can cause some natural stones, such as, opals, to crack.

Wearing Your Vintage Fashion Jewellery
Always put your jewellery on last after dressing to avoid catching it on your clothes.

Apply make-up, deodorant, hairspray and perfume prior to putting your jewellery on. Style and brush your hair before putting your earrings or necklaces on to avoid damaging them.

How To Maintain Your Costume Jewellery
As with everything you value, it's a good idea to check your vintage jewellery for signs of general wear.

Look after your beautiful Lusque fashion jewellery and enjoy it for any occasion.

Jewellery colours
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Note: Lusque Jewellery is crafted with a variety of natural materials, including beads, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals and metal. Variations in appearance, including colour, size and patterns are accepted due to their natural elements.

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