A Future of Sustainably Luxury Jewellery

A Future of Sustainably Luxury Jewellery

Sydney-based jewellery designer, Ella Lawton creates original jewellery to be enjoyed as part of your everyday look. Each piece is handcrafted from a mix of new, up-cycled and reclaimed materials that she sources on her travels.

An Australian jewellery brand, Lusque specialises in creating contemporary jewellery from responsibly sourced materials. Frequently inspired by the use of up-cycled materials to create many of my limited edition collections, each piece is lovingly handcrafted. Using a high proportion of recycled materials and ethically-sourced stones, I handcraft my jewellery locally in small quantities with the aim to reduce my carbon footprint. It means that I sell everything I produce, reducing leftover waste in the studio.

Each Lusque piece is meticulously handcrafted, unique and naturally zero-waste. My signature method involves selecting found objects and used materials directly into beautiful jewellery so that nothing is wasted and each piece is original.

As a designer, I create jewellery with the idea that it reflects your individual style and personal taste. Classic, timeless icons that won't be out of style next season.

Jewellery is a key component of your everyday style. Whether you like to keep it simple with a few classic pieces, enjoy stacking and layering for a fashion-forward style, or are a bold costume jewellery fan, it's a simple way to dress up your outfit.

Adding a pretty gold chain with a few dazzling gems immediately elevates a simple jumper, while popping on a pair of stud earrings makes you look instantly more polished.

Making smart, sustainable choices when it comes to jewellery shopping will in the long run, benefit both the planet and your pocket. By investing in greener labels, you're not only being much kinder to the planet but you're also building up a collection of forever pieces to elevate your style above passing trends.

Whether you're a lover of dainty, delicate jewels or chunky statement pieces, it's important to take care of your jewellery to keep it sparkling. From cleaning chunky pieces safely to checking for loose stones, visit our jewellery care guide to help.

Specialising in creating contemporary jewellery from responsibly sourced materials, I'm frequently inspired by the use of up-cycled materials to create many of my collections.

A key component of everyday style, jewellery

Unique statement pieces which are sustainable and available at a friendly price point, our jewellery is distinctive in an elegant simplicity, a style signature seen throughout our collections.

Fabulous on-trend style but with the added bonus of timeless, sustainable credentials.


Fashion jewellery, precious gemstones, opals, gold jewelry, silver earrings

Meticulously made by hand, non-seasonal, wearable pieces that transcend trends repurposed into contemporary pieces of jewellery.

My mission is to create timeless, fuss-free pieces of jewellery designed to be worn every day. A little piece of affordable luxury, desirable pieces are all hand made from up-cycled, natural and semi-precious stones.

Fashion jewellery should look good and make you feel fabulous! Which is why ethical production and honest social responsibility are the foundations on which I strive for my fashion brand.

I seek out interesting, fun and natural materials and up-cycled components to handcraft my collection locally, with sustainability firmly in mind.

I envision a future where the core principles of luxury, personal style and sustainability are fully and genuinely symbiotic.


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