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Beaded Bracelet With Silver Tree of Life Charm

Beaded Bracelet With Silver Tree of Life Charm

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Natural cream bone beaded bracelet with vintage silver beads and tree of life charm for wellness.

Elegant and Unique

Natural bone and antique silver-toned beaded bracelet. Original, limited edition design.
Handmade and can be adjusted to suit your wrist size.

Bone beads are hand-carved and shaped by skilled craftsmen from Africa. The beads then undergo a wax process to seal the surface and create the final design. Due to the hand-crafted nature of these beads, each bead will vary in size and shape with natural markings and irregularities which are an essential part of their natural beauty. 

From curated essentials to statement pieces, our thoughtfully inspired collections offer you original jewellery.

Approximately 20 cm long. Would best suit a wrist of 15cm. 

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