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Lava Bead Healing Bracelet With Buddha Charms

Lava Bead Healing Bracelet With Buddha Charms

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About This Bracelet:

Silver and natural 8mm Black Lava Stone Bead Stretch Gemstone Bracelet.

This elegantly-crafted, lava rock beaded stretch bracelet with silver beads and charms  embodies the spiritual connection with nature and the cycle of life.

Sustainable and eco-friendly, black lava beads are a natural stone, extracted with minimal impact on the environment. The preferred choice if you are conscious about your environmental footprint, they are the perfect blend of beauty, history and sustainability.

Inspire happiness, spiritual awareness and enlightenment with this stretchy Healing Bracelet crafted with 8mm lava rock beads and 2 silver Buddha and Tree of Life charms.

A beautiful, Chakra healing volcanic stone, black lava inspires emotional tranquility, relaxation and a sense of calm. Said to stimulate creativity, this stretchy Healing Bracelet with 8mm lava rock beads and silver Buddha and Tree of Life charms symbolises personal growth.

A stunning fashion statement imbued with symbolic meaning, this Lava bead bracelet will add a touch of nature’s wonder to your outfit.

Ideal for aromatherapy diffusing, just add a drop or two of your favourite pure essential oils directly onto the lava beads. A perfect anxiety-relief bracelet to help bring tranquility and feelings of stress relief.

Receive spiritual awareness and enlightenment with the 2 silver Buddha Charms.

Size: Total Length 19cm (7.5 inches) Can be made to measure.

Beads: 8mm Black lava stone and silver-toned beads and charms

Gender Neutral: Women and Men.

Materials: Mindfully selected, semi-precious, black lava stones and silver-toned beads elegantly crafted into a stretch-style bracelet.

Packaging: The Lava Bead Stone Bracelet comes in a plush, black velvet pouch, perfect for gifting or for safe-keeping.

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