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Green Aventurine Gemstone Earrings With Pearls

Green Aventurine Gemstone Earrings With Pearls

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At Lusque, our collections are filled with beautifully sourced and designed jewellery for you with a style focused on casual luxe and bohemian aesthetic to delight, calm and uplift!

A stunning fashion statement imbued with symbolic meaning, these dark green Aventurine, and gold earrings will add a touch of nature’s wonder to your wardrobe.

About These Earrings:

Elegantly-crafted with natural pearl, these gold earrings with dark green Aventurine embody the spiritual connection with nature and the cycle of life. Aventurine is said to attract abundance and bring luck to its wearer. 

Not just a beautifully-coloured dark green stone, Aventurine is thought to aid in the relief of stress to promote a serene attitude. It may help to clear the thoughts to have a calming effect and rest your worried mind.

Sustainable and eco-friendly, green Aventurine is a natural stone, extracted with minimal impact on the environment. The preferred choice if you are conscious about your environmental footprint, they are the perfect blend of beauty and sustainability.

Valued for its colour and beauty, this variety of quartz, is also referred to as Green Quartz. Aventurine may contain streaks of brown or red which form from the inclusion of iron-rich hematite.

Aventurine inspires a sense of calm, making these handmade earrings the perfect choice to invite tranquility and feelings of stress relief. Inspire spiritual awareness and enlightenment with the dark green Aventurine stone, natural pearls and gold-toned studs.

Drop: Approx 5cm (2") drop length.

Weight: 14gm (0.45oz)

Gender: Women.

Materials: Selected, semi-precious, Green Aventurine stones, genuine cream pearl and gold-tones crafted into elegant drop earrings.

Packaging: The Green Aventurine Stone Earrings come in a luxury, black linen box, perfect for gifting or for safe-keeping.

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